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Wonderful kids!!!

I used to think that a year was such a long time. Put it into perspective that a year, well not even, is how long you stay with a group of kids- a year doesn’t seem long enough. I am still missing the students that I worked with this year. They have taught me so much about the world and learning and teaching. They were the biggest sources of encouragement. Especially when they say things like; “Ms. O’Connor are you a teacher yet? Well you should be.” or “Ms. O’Connor you’re a great teacher!” Little boosts in confidence- hey maybe I taught them to compliment others when you see they are doing a great job! Anyways, I found this letter today-

A note from 'Vincey.'

Gosh, you can’t walk away from ‘Vincey’ without him taking a piece of you with him. He was such a wonderful child and even with his struggles was able to captivate you.

I am feeling sentimental about the kids from 2nd grade. It was a year that will go down in history for me. I really found my niche in 2nd grade- funny how it was the only grade I have never spent time in from k-6. Haha, of course.

Recently, my car was in the shop and I was driving my moms car- which meant that I was listening to the radio. I haven’t listened to the radio for years~!! Pandora radio doesn’t count here. I realized that there still is good music being made, I started to doubt that a couple of years ago when all you could hear was crap on the radio. Thankfully 94.7 has their playlist online so I could go back and find out who was singing and when. I am probably behind in liking these bands but I am really into them.

First off, Kings of Leon. I knew they were good but I kind of forgot about them. Sex on Fire is a great song…such good build ups and just so good.

Second, Mumford and Sons- Little Lion Man. First off- I hear a mandolin in the song, that couldn’t make me more happy. It is just a great song and a really good band. If I bought CD’s I would buy it. Maybe, the library has it haha.

I found this video on Stumbleupon and it made me smile. Its just so nice to see people working together just to make one man feel good. : )
Below is the information that accompanied the video you can go to the whole story here

“Mukhtar is a bus-driver from Copenhagen. On May 5th, it was his birthday and little did he know it was going to be a very special day…

Watch the video, some more info after it.
For those who might consider it a fake, I’d think twice, it’s actually a well planned event by Arriva (a European bus company). They’ve done a number of these style events to make a better work enviroment for their bus drivers in Copenhagen.”

To the contrary, sometimes I feel like one isn’t the loneliest number. Actually when I am alone I feel I have had more conversations than when I’m not. Other than sounding absolutely insane let me explain. When I have an evening to myself, I am actually able to continue a conversation or I might as well just say a thought. Throughout the day so many different things happen and thoughts get interrupted. For some reason at night its so much more quiet and I am able to think and do so much easier. I am sure this makes no sense, but its okay. Its just me finishing a thought : )
For my own sanity I need to have a night to myself where I am alone. Tonight was perfect. My brother left, my dad went to sleep and my mom kinda did. She doesn’t bother me when I am in my room. I was able to actually move through things in my room and make it to where I can move in it. I have had piles of clean clothes and piles of things and clothes I am getting rid of but I hadn’t had the time to completely get the job done. I know that this night will be the only one for a while that I will have to myself so I decided to take advantage of it. I cuddled with my cat and have been sneezing for hours now. I can’t resist lately. Anyways, one isn’t always the loneliest number, sometimes its just right.

Do they really get it? 12 months? Is this how they want to leave our relationship? It could be a lot longer than 12 months if this is how it is going to be forever. Yeah, thanks for everything. Including the guilt trips, the power trips, the put downs and probably diabetes.
12 months is a pretty long time to be mad, but forgiveness is hard to give to people who don’t give a shit.

After a long spell of gloomy, rainy days the sun has come out! I love the sunny weather as much as the next person, but honestly for a person with allergies it is bittersweet. As I found out the hard way… Lana through me a pool party for my birthday! It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and I was sneezing my head off. Sneezing, itchy gooey eyes and constricted breathing. I was surrounded by friends and happiness but on the inside I was full of my body attacking itself and damn does that hurt. The pool party was fun, we conversed with a 6th grader who was awesome. Later, we saw the Karate Kid. (go Will Smith)

1 thumb up! Next time, I hope there is more kung fu!

I have been tucked away in my house to try to shelter myself from allergies…I have found a guilty pleasure though- The X-Flies season 1 on Netflix. Dear lord! Thank you!

Welcome to June : )

My Mom planted some wild flowers and they love that the sun came out!

Smootchos hangin' in the backdust and sun.

School is almost done, the sun is out, I am getting allergy medicine this week, EPIK contract by the end of June : )

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